Friday, November 2, 2012

In Which I totally forgot I had a blog...and reviewed Pig Destroyer.

What has it been now? Two or three weeks since I last was definitely before the new Pig Destroyer album dropped...whatever.

Speaking of Pig Destroyer....It's review time.

Boom. I'm doing it...late.

The new album is called Book Burner, and it came out October 23rd on Relapse Records. PxDx has really put their nose to the grindstone (see what I did there?) They produced a sick, fast, and uncompromisingly heavy record in the span of time it took me to graduate high school and get a year and a half of college under my belt. My hopes were incredibly high for this one and it's fair to say they were as high as they should have been, because this album absolutely rips from start to finish. From the two singles I had heard prior to release  , "Burning Palm" and "The Diplomat" I was honestly unsure of how I was going to feel about the record. They were good songs but I knew right away they weren't going to be my favorites on the record. However the album dropped and I was pleasantly surprised by the opening track "Sis" which has become my favorite song on the album by far. It's heavy, chunky riff just makes me want to mosh...a lot. Other standout tracks are "All Seeing Eye" and "The Americans Head." All in all I would call this album a solid 9.5/10 for its flow, production, and enjoyability. I do knock it down a peg because for me because it does seem to repeat itself in some parts, but that could just be part of the overall theme of the album. 

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