Saturday, October 20, 2012

Evil Deadhead

Halloween is right around the corner, and boy does this have me excited. For one, I'm going as a spooky banana this year. Secondly it's the time of year I break out one of my favorite series of horror movies and watch them. This year I was having trouble picking a movie to watch, but today I found my solution. Today I was in the mood for some Strapping Young Lad, a statement I just realized makes it sound like I was hot for the pool boy. Anyway, I was trolling youtube for one of their songs and came across the official video for the song "Love?" which is my favorite SYL song by a long shot. I had never seen the video before, but it made my choice clear.

If you don't see why that's clear I'll clear it up for you. This video is inspired by the Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Evil Dead is by far my favorite series of movies. It has everything I like in movies; Action, tension, a little (read: a lot) of gore, humor, and most important of all Bruce Campbell. To make a long story short Army of Darkness, the third movie in the series, was the first horror flick I saw as a kid and it left an everlasting impression on me (probably to the chagrin of at least one of my parents). For about 5 years after I first saw it I wanted to consume every piece of media Evil Dead (and Bruce Campbell) related and I did. A lot of movies/shows, a few video games, and a couple books later I think it's safe to say that I'm a lifelong Deadite. And also eerily obsessed with Bruce Campbell. Happy Trick or Treating Boys and Ghouls.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Album Review: Alkahest-Milk & Morphine

Sludgy, doom-ish, a little bit of black metal...I like it. (Reminds me of Tombs)

Alkahest are a doom band from Brooklyn. This album actually came out September of last year, it came my way through a review in Decibel Magazine last month. The album builds up slowly in the first 3 minutes before jumping into some very great, angry, sludge riffs. The vocals kick-in with the most excellent larynx shredding intensity. From there the album continues to sort of repeat this process of having a brooding beginning, cranking it in the middle, and then relaxing in the end. Not that this isn't great, it's actually fantastic. The band builds a tense , tight atmosphere that makes one feel they're about to go off a cliff at any second. Just when you think you'll go over, the band yanks you back for a couple of minutes before thrusting you out over the edge again. This band definitely has a rhythm down that works for them, though they should be careful of repeating themselves. Alkahest has a lot more in them and I look forward to their future releases. 4.5/5 stars


Kicking it off gory.

Hey there, I'm Sean. I started Nation of Grind about a year ago in the summer in between high school and college. I've gone through a couple of blogs now (a defunct tumblr and weebly) but I think I'm ready to make this my permanent address (get it because I now reside here and it's also a web address...heh internet jokes). Anyway this is going to be a main hub for news and videos that I make and find across the web as well as album reviews, as well as the possibility for a bitchy rant here and there which I'll keep to a minimum. I host a weekly radio show at my college called The Pit, you can listen to it on, just click the mic on the upper right hand corner and follow the links.

To get things off right, I've made a reaction video to Cattle Decapitations wicked new music video for "Forced Gender Reassignment." Check it out. 

Thanks and I look forward to making this a successful blog.