Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitch Lucker is dead...

Mitch Lucker...husband, father, and entertainer is dead. Mitch passed away yesterday morning after sustaining fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Mitch as most of you know was the frontman for death metal band Suicide Silence. I used to be a huge fan of the band myself, but somewhere after they released No Time to Bleed I simply lost interest in the music they produced. Needless to say I didn't keep up with the band much, but I still would occasionally watch or read interviews with the band as I still thought of them as genuinely funny and interesting people. When I logged into facebook yesterday I saw a ton of status updates from my friends that Mitch had passed, and I was instantly curious as to how and why this had happened to a guy who I had always considered to be a quality entertainer. I found out that it was because he had been drunk and driving his motorcycle, likely too fast. I honestly don't care that much about that, it doesn't matter the cause. It was the end result of a mistake he made, but even if it had just been a freak accident he'd still be dead. It upsets me when I see people who weren't fans of the band or even the genre vocally criticizing a man for making a mistake, for being human. A man beloved by many is dead, he shouldn't be a target for peoples venom, he should be an example that even people who are put on pedestals are still only human and that even they can fall sometimes. We should remember Mitch as the guy who had stomp that let it be known to every person in an audience that there was a pit...and it needed to be opened the fuck up.  

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