Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Album Review: Alkahest-Milk & Morphine

Sludgy, doom-ish, a little bit of black metal...I like it. (Reminds me of Tombs)

Alkahest are a doom band from Brooklyn. This album actually came out September of last year, it came my way through a review in Decibel Magazine last month. The album builds up slowly in the first 3 minutes before jumping into some very great, angry, sludge riffs. The vocals kick-in with the most excellent larynx shredding intensity. From there the album continues to sort of repeat this process of having a brooding beginning, cranking it in the middle, and then relaxing in the end. Not that this isn't great, it's actually fantastic. The band builds a tense , tight atmosphere that makes one feel they're about to go off a cliff at any second. Just when you think you'll go over, the band yanks you back for a couple of minutes before thrusting you out over the edge again. This band definitely has a rhythm down that works for them, though they should be careful of repeating themselves. Alkahest has a lot more in them and I look forward to their future releases. 4.5/5 stars


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