Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kicking it off gory.

Hey there, I'm Sean. I started Nation of Grind about a year ago in the summer in between high school and college. I've gone through a couple of blogs now (a defunct tumblr and weebly) but I think I'm ready to make this my permanent address (get it because I now reside here and it's also a web address...heh internet jokes). Anyway this is going to be a main hub for news and videos that I make and find across the web as well as album reviews, as well as the possibility for a bitchy rant here and there which I'll keep to a minimum. I host a weekly radio show at my college called The Pit, you can listen to it on http://www.walf.fm, just click the mic on the upper right hand corner and follow the links.

To get things off right, I've made a reaction video to Cattle Decapitations wicked new music video for "Forced Gender Reassignment." Check it out. 

Thanks and I look forward to making this a successful blog.

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