Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I felt that today being the day it is I would voice my opinion on something I think is relevant to the decision people are making today. This semester I'm taking a course on american politics and my professor once told me something I found incredibly profound. He told the class that in America the best goal one can set for the
mselves is to find something they are good at and make a lot of money doing it. Now, on the surface this seems like a perfectly sensible goal to set for oneself; But I think it represents a prevailing attitude in this country that greed and ambition are a combination of values that are perfectly acceptable to lead your life by. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for laziness, not by a long-shot. Laziness and greed is another combination that seems to have taken roost in our country as well. In my mind both sets of morals breed the same exact kind of people; People who want to get all of the benefit with none of the sacrifice one puts you in poverty, the other puts you in the Hamptons. When I hear talk about an "entitlement generation" it usually is only being directed at the poor, but people seem to forget that there are wealthy people who also exploit holes in the rules in order to live a lot easier than the rest of us. But we don't call them "entitled" or "moochers" we call them "captains of business" or, an even bigger lie, "job creators." I'm not sorry about this but the truth is giving someone tax breaks, letting them us loopholes, and/or allowing them to outsource jobs doesn't put money back into the economy (protip: that's what fixes a broken one, like ours) it just allows them to hold on to their precious dollars. Unfortunately it seems the only way to fix these problems is to punish the whole for the sins of the few. I say instead of removing social programs that do help people who need it and a few who could go without them, we tax the rich, they can afford it. I'd rather knock a few billionaires down to millionaires instead of kicking a poor person from the street to the ditch any day of the week.

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